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MSI welcomes move to decriminalise abortion in Mexico

Thursday 09 September 2021 Safe abortion and post abortion care

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The Mexican Supreme Court of Justice, which is the highest authority of judicial power in Mexico, has removed sanctions for abortion from the Mexican criminal code, clearing a path to decriminalising abortion across Mexico.

The top court voted unanimously (10-0) that the northern state of Coahuila must remove sanctions for abortion from its criminal code, with several justices making the case that criminalising abortion violates women’s rights to control their own bodies.

Welcoming the news, Araceli Lopez Nava, MSI’s Managing Director for Latin America, said:

“At MSI Mexico, we have seen first-hand the damaging impacts that legal restrictions on abortion have had on women’s health, lives and futures, so we celebrate the Supreme Court decision to decriminalise abortion in Mexico.

“Now, the real work starts, to make sure that all women and girls can access services that are safe and legal, providing them with the reproductive choices that enable them to determine their own futures.”

It only costs £6 per year – or 2 pence / 3 cents per day – for MSI to provide a woman or girl with life-changing reproductive healthcare, giving them the power to decide if or when to become pregnant. This reproductive choice helps keep girls in school, supports women to lead, and helps build more equal communities. Join us in making reproductive choice possible.

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