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SafeAccess: Supporting access to safe abortion during COVID-19

Thursday 30 July 2020 MSI Reproductive Choices Safe abortion and post abortion care

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Last year, as part of our aim to eliminate unsafe abortion, and our commitment to open uMSI’s evidence and insights to the sectorwe launched SafeAccess – our cross-partner digital platform sharing best practice guidance on safe abortion and post-abortion care

By publishing resources and insights on best practice safe abortion care from Marie Stopes International and partners, including IPPF, Ipas, PSI and Safe Abortion Action Fund, we aim to create a one-stop-shop for providers and policy influencers looking to expand access to safe abortion care. 

During COVID-19, weve used SafeAccess to support providers and policy influencers to keep essential SRHR services open. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve used the platform to gather experiences from frontline practitioners on the challenges they’re facingwhile in tandem, publishing resources that support providers, programme managers and policy makers to protect access to safe abortion and post-abortion care during the current crisis, and beyond. 

Recent resources and updates shared on SafeAccess related to COVID-19 include: 

Frontline Stories: Safe abortion and post-abortion care during COVID-19 

Under COVID-19, access to healthcare is changing and the impact on safe abortion and post-abortion care could be severe. To build a live picture of the impact on frontline services, we are gathering experiences via our short SafeAccess survey, launched in May 2020.  

In June, we published the key insights received on the experiences and challenges facing providers, policy makers, and women and pregnant people on the frontline of the current pandemic. You can access the article via SafeAccess, with an update coming soon.  

Guidance for providers offering medical abortion with misoprostol during COVID-19 

Our partners at Gynuity Health Projects have collaborated with Women Help Women, ASAP and others to develop guidance for providers on administering misoprostol for a medical abortion safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with social distancing recommendations. You can access the guidance in multiple languages via SafeAccess. 


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