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My Body, My Voice: International Safe Abortion Day Briefing

Tuesday 29 September 2020 Safe abortion and post abortion care

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To mark International Safe Abortion Day, MSI was delighted to launch our new 2019/20 My Body, My Voice report, alongside presentations from partners at Ipas and the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership at our International Safe Abortion Day briefing.

My Body, My Voice report

Globally, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion. Yet, with abortion care stigmatised and silenced, we rarely hear from women and girls directly about their experiences. To help change this and identify how our services can improve, every year we interview 1,800+ of our safe abortion clients.
Whilst every experience is unique, these responses can help us to identify trends and potential solutions. Based on what our clients want and value, we learn how they hear about services, how they access them, and the support, or lack of it, experienced along the way.

Last year, we launched our first My Body, My Voice report, and this year, we are pleased to publish client insights from even more settings.

Our International Safe Abortion Day Briefing

To mark International Safe Abortion Day, we were pleased to hold a special briefing to launch the report.

Given the focus of this year's International Safe Abortion Day on self-management, the briefing showcased presentations from Ipas on innovations in self-care and the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership on the rights-based case for self-management, as well as learnings from MSI's new evidence summary on safe self-management of medical abortion.

Speakers included:

  • Katy Footman, MSI’s Senior Research Manager on safe abortion and post-abortion care, presenting on key findings from MSI’s My Body, My Voice report
  • Ntindah Luembe, MSI’s Regional Development Manager, East & Southern Africa, presenting on the evidence behind how we can support safe self-management of medical abortion with a continuum of care and her frontline experience from Zambia
  • Rasha Dabash, Director of Technical Excellence at Ipas, presenting on Ipas’ innovations in supporting self-care through accompaniment models and telemedicine
  • Suchitra Dalvie, Gynaecologist & Coordinator of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, presenting on the rights-based case for supporting self-management of abortion.

Watch the webinar in full below and download the slides here. Join the conversation over social media via #MyBodyMyVoice.

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