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MSI’s commitments to the next decade of progress on family planning

Wednesday 28 July 2021 MSI Reproductive Choices Contraception, Safe abortion and post abortion care

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MSI Reproductive Choices has announced three new commitments to Family Planning 2030 (FP2030), the global partnership dedicated to improving access to family planning information, services and supplies for women and girls in the world’s poorest countries.

We announced the new commitments at FP2030’s ‘Join the Movement’ virtual event, which brought together stakeholders from government, civil society, multilateral organisations, donors and the private sector to galvanise around the next decade of progress on family planning.

Working in partnership, we commit to:

Supporting and accepting a woman or adolescent girl's decision to use modern contraception

By 2030, we plan to serve at least 120 million women and girls with high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services. As our new strategy outlines, 80% of these clients will be from the poorest and most marginalised communities and 50% will be under 24 years old. To ensure these services are sustainable, we will partner with governments to establish public sector partnership models to transition to national ownership. We commit that 50% of MSI supported service delivery sites will evolve towards national ownership by 2030.

Building a supportive policy environment and expanding political commitments

In every country where we work, access to rights-based contraception services is restricted by unnecessary clinical, legal or policy barriers. We commit to ensuring that in 30 countries where we work women and girls will have improved access by MSI actively influencing laws, policies, and the enabling environment, and holding duty bearers to account for the commitments they have made.

Ensuring health systems meet the information, service, and supply needs of individuals

Of the 56 million abortions that take place each year worldwide, an estimated 25 million are unsafe. Many of these abortions result from a lack of access to rights-based information and services contraception. We will support the elimination of unsafe abortion by ensuring 1 in 3 women across MSI partnership who have an abortion will access it from a safe MSI or MSI-supported product or service, whilst enabling others to provide safer services ensuring that every woman or girl is only ‘one contact’ away from quality safe providers.

At the virtual event, MSI’s CEO Simon Cooke spoke about how, as an early supporter of the original FP2020 partnership, we’re looking forward to continuing our work, in partnership, ensuring women and girls everywhere can take control of their reproductive futures.

To read about how we intend to make our commitments a reality, read our MSI 2030 strategy here.

If you’d like to partner with us and help us build a world where every woman can make reproductive choices, find out more here.

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