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Leaving no one behind

We’re experts at reaching the communities often left behind by healthcare systems.

Over the next ten years, we commit to reaching at least 120 million women and girls with high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

Access to reproductive choice can be life changing. Reproductive choice keeps girls in school, supports women to pursue their careers, and saves lives by preventing unsafe abortions and maternal deaths. But for many, choice and the opportunities it brings remain out of reach. 

This is especially true for remote communities and those affected by conflict or climate change and marginalised communities including LGBTQI people and people living with disabilities, who can experience intersecting barriers to reproductive healthcare. 

That’s why our commitment to leave no one behind is at the heart of our MSI 2030 strategy. We’re scaling up and tailoring our programmes, strengthening partnerships, and innovating to reach those who are currently excluded from health systems. 80% of our clients will be from communities that don't already have access. 

Young people often face the highest unmet need for contraception. Research across sub-Saharan African countries found that nearly all adolescent girls who have ever been pregnant dropped out of their education.

Going the last mile for women and girls

MSI is built on the expertise, dedication, and hard work of our bold providers who go the last mile to make choice possible for women in their communities. We know for rural, low-income and displaced communities, and those affected by climate change, these last mile services are often their only chance at accessing reproductive healthcare. 

MSI knows from research, data, and on-the-ground experience that it’s possible to drive equitable access at scale. We’re experts at reaching the communities often left behind by healthcare systems. Our brave team members are there every day helping:  

  • Communities who are overlooked and marginalised. Over 70% of our contraceptive services were delivered to underserved communities in 2021.
  • Young people. 1.7 million MSI clients last year were adolescents – a group often excluded from sexual and reproductive healthcare.
  • Women in crisis and conflict. Our teams are working to protect access to women’s healthcare in humanitarian settings, including Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Myanmar.

Our teams are not only effective, they’re also efficient. It only costs £6 for our outreach teams to provide someone with contraception for a whole year, protecting them from an unintended pregnancy and helping them determine their own future. We’re working affordably and at scale to transform lives. 


Changing millions of lives

In 2021, in partnership with governments, civil society organisations and healthcare partners, MSI supported:

0 mil
with reproductive healthcare across 37 countries
0 mil
to access contraception, abortion or post-abortion care
clients with reproductive choice every day

Partnering with the public sector for sustainable access

To achieve a world where everyone has reproductive choice, partnerships across the health system, including the public and private sectors, are vital.

With time, partnership, and joint investment, we know that national ownership of comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare can be achieved. 

Working closely with Ministries of Health and district health authorities across 23 of MSI’s country programmes, we’re increasing the choice, quality and reach of national reproductive healthcare services, so women can be confident they have access for the long-term.

We supported over 5 million clients to access high-quality reproductive healthcare through their local public service provider in 2021.  

Leaving no one behind

Learn more about how we're reaching people with life-saving healthcare, and partner with us to bring reproductive choice to those who need it most.

Strengthening national health systems

For many people, their closest, affordable provider of sexual and reproductive healthcare is a public sector facility. Learn how we're partnering with governments to strengthen national health systems, improving sexual and reproductive healthcare for the long-term.

Strengthening health systems

Report: Reproductive Choice for All

Our commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind is at the heart of our MSI 2030 strategy. In our 'Reproductive Choice for All' report, we share more on how we're approaching this.

Read the report

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Whether you give time, money, or expertise, your investment could benefit women and families for generations to come. Contact our partnerships team to find out more about partnering with us to leave no one behind.

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Your donation today could provide a young woman with contraception, or save a woman’s life with abortion care. Help us go the last mile to deliver reproductive choice to someone who has never been able to access it before.