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    Thank you for wanting to be be part of MSI’s growth as a world-leading reproductive health organisation.

    At MSI, we fill most of our vacancies ourselves through advertising and our own internal search processes.

    On the rare occasions that we do require extra support we will only use agencies that we trust, and that are on our preferred supplier list (PSL).

    All the agencies on our PSL have agreed to work by our terms and conditions, and they are the only agencies our in-house recruitment team will request or accept CVs from.

    We are not able to accept speculative CVs from agencies not on our PSL, and we do not accept that CVs sent to us by non-PSL agencies constitute an introduction. Should we later engage with candidates that may have been forwarded to us in this manner, no fee will be payable.

    We review our preferred suppliers periodically, if you are interested in being considered for our PSL please email us with your contact details and your areas of specialism.

    How we can work together

    We expect that any agency working on our behalf will:

    • Represent our brand to the best of its ability and uphold our values.
    • Provide us with honest, objective feedback on the market.
    • Contact our recruitment team directly, and not go straight to the managers.
    • Ensure that all candidates forwarded to us fully meet the brief.
    • Properly notify candidates who are not being forwarded, so that they aren’t just left waiting.
    • Ensure all candidates have the appropriate background checks, and that education and professional qualifications have been verified before employment commences.
    • Behave honestly and with integrity. If you don’t think you can fill a certain role, please say so.
    • Treat all candidates with dignity and respect.
    • Uphold MSI’s commitments to anti-modern slavery and human trafficking as outlined within our Business Partner’s Code of Conduct by not to charging candidates recruitment or registration fees or confiscate candidates right to work documents.
    • MSI is proud to be an equal opportunities employer, we are committed to creating a fully inclusive workplace, we expect that the agency will not discriminate against candidates during the search for MSI positions.

    Any agency working on our behalf can expect that we will:

    • Provide a full brief – we won’t just send over a job description.
    • Not give the role out to dozens of other agencies – at most there will be another one or two agencies helping us.
    • Give full feedback on all candidates submitted to us.
    • Respond to questions promptly.
    • Show honesty and integrity – if we’ve made a mistake, we will say so.
    • Treat all candidates with respect and we will not discriminate within hiring, compensation access to training or employment termination.

    Get in touch

    If you’re interested in providing recruitment agency services to MSI, please email us including your contact details and your areas of specialism. We will keep your details for consideration, and may contact you further with next steps on how to qualify.

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