Listening to our clients: using feedback to improve the delivery of client-centred sexual and reproductive healthcare

Digital health   |   10 June 2024   |   3 min read



To ensure we’re delivering reproductive choice, we are committed to listening to, designing with and being responsive to our clients.

We aim to offer every single client the opportunity to provide us with feedback. Client feedback helps us to understand whether we’re achieving our aim of delivering client-centred and empowering healthcare.

In 2020, the MSI client experience team, with initial support from design agency ThinkPlace, launched a project to develop tools to collect actionable, client feedback in real-time across MSI programmes. The aim was to design mechanisms that enable MSI teams to adopt and operationalise client feedback, driving ongoing improvement to how clients experience our services.

We used human-centred design (HCD) to gather insights into current approaches and challenges, and to develop and test new solutions. We involved both our clients and team members in this process to make sure that our new feedback options are as inclusive and accessible as possible. These options include a digital feedback form (which also works offline), an SMS survey and more traditional solutions like paper feedback forms. A feedback option has also been embedded with our Contact Centres to allow clients to provide feedback over the phone or live chat. MSI teams can then select the feedback option/s that best suit their context. Data from all sources is collated and processed digitally and then made accessible to MSI teams via a global data hub (hosted in MS PowerBI).

We launched the new feedback tools in 2023. By early 2024, almost 3,000 clients (across seven MSI programmes) were using them each month to provide feedback on their healthcare.

An operational evaluation of the pilot phase of the new tools suggested:
• The solutions were successfully rolled out in various MSI service delivery settings, including urban and rural areas, proving that digital solutions can be adopted even in settings with less access to technology.
• The new resources were well received by MSI teams and deemed easy to implement.
• Clients felt positively about being provided with the option to give feedback and the ease of completing a digital feedback form (the option implemented by the majority of MSI teams).
• The new tools are helping MSI teams develop and maintain effective action plans for quality improvements.

The new feedback tools have been adopted by a total of 12 MSI programmes so far, with more plans to roll out the solutions in 2024.



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