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    MSI Sri Lanka works in partnership with Population Services Lanka (PSL) to provide sexual and reproductive health services to thousands of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people. 

    PSL has been providing a full range of long-acting, permanent and short-term methods of contraception, along with other reproductive health services, throughout the island since 1983.

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    Contact our Sri Lanka support office to talk about our work.

    Population Services Lanka
    17/13, Jasmine Park
    Sri Lanka

    Tel: +94 112 80 67 30


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    Looking for services in Sri Lanka? Use the contacts below or visit our Sri Lanka website.

    Tel: +94 766 27 37 37

    How we deliver services in Sri Lanka

    Our services are provided through a nationwide network of centres, including in conflict-afflicted areas in the north and east of the country. These centres offer a full range of quality reproductive health services, leading the field in clinical quality and client focus. They also double as knowledge and training centres for our outreach teams, social franchisees and public health sector workers.

    Our outreach teams travel to hard-to-reach parts of the country, offering long-acting and permanent contraception to Sri Lankans who would otherwise have no means of accessing care.

    PSL’s social marketing programme markets and distributes a range of contraceptive products to pharmacies across the country through province-based distributors. The team try to reach clients through a range of channels to meet their varied needs, often integrating community-based distribution of products within our outreach and clinic services.

    The programme brings these safe and affordable methods closer to the client and provides an opportunity to increase access to family planning information across communities. About half of Sri Lanka’s short-term contraceptives are delivered through our innovative social marketing programme.

    Our impact in Sri Lanka


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