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Contact our Australia support office to talk about our work.

MSI Asia Pacific
GPO Box 1635
Melbourne, Victoria 3001
+61 03 9658 7500

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Looking for services in Australia? Use the contacts below or visit the Marie Stopes Australia website.

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Our operations in Australia bring life-changing reproductive choice to women and men across Australia and the Pacific Asia region.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Firstly, through Marie Stopes Australia we provide contraception, safe abortion and reproductive health services through a network of clinics. We also bring reproductive health products to Australians through our not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, MS Health.

  2. Secondly, through MSI Asia Pacific we work closely with the Australian Government and other donors and supporters to raise funds and help co-ordinate country programmes in the Pacific Asia region.

Our primary partner in Australia is the Australian Government, and thanks to their support and collaboration we are reaching more people in the Pacific Asia region than ever before. Whether we’re providing contraception in Cambodian garment factories or increasing vasectomy uptake in Papua New Guinea, we’re seeing the positive impact this is having on families, communities and whole societies.

To learn more about our work in Australia and Pacific Asia, visit the MSI Pacific Asia website.

MSI Pacific Asia

What do we do in Australia

In Australia, MSI is leading the way in improving access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Since 2000, we have provided caring and non-judgemental sexual and reproductive health services to Australian women and men. Our services include medical abortion, surgical abortion, vasectomy, contraception - including long-acting reversible methods - decision-based counselling, and 24-hour aftercare. We provide these services across our network of clinics and provide medical abortion via teleconsultation for those who cannot access a clinic in their state.

In Australia we also run MS Health, a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company established to bring important reproductive health products and medicines to Australia.

Marie Stopes Australia and MS Health are part of the MSI global partnership. Proceeds support life-saving family planning and sexual and reproductive health services in developing countries.

In 2016, MS Health was responsible for bringing a more effective and longer-acting emergency contraceptive pill to women in Australia.

Providing choice at home, as well as abroad

Through our not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, MS Health, we deliver vital reproductive health products and medicines in Australia. Surplus income from MS Health is reinvested in improving services in our Australian operations, and in supporting our country programmes.

In 2016, MS health was responsible for bringing a more effective and longer-acting emergency contraceptive pill to women in Australia. The pill was already available in the UK and other countries, and we were proud to be able to offer more choice and peace of mind to Australian women, particularly those living in rural areas.


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