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Marie Stopes China
Building 18, Room 103,
Euro-classic Compound, 172 Bei Yuan Road
Chao Yang District
Beijing 100101
+86 010 8485 4988/98

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Marie Stopes China

China has a huge population, numbering more than 1.3 billion, but the current healthcare system primarily focuses on the family planning needs of married couples.

This is mainly due to a population policy of restricting urban married couples to one child, which in 2015 the Chinese government began to phase out. However, the country still faces significant sexual and reproductive health challenges - particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of young people and other marginalised groups.

China has a huge population, numbering more than 1.3 billion.

What we do in China

Since 2000 MSI's programme in China has been working with the government and local communities to address the country’s unmet sexual and reproductive healthcare needs.

Through our centres we have been focusing on supporting vulnerable groups, primarily adolescents, poor migrant populations, sex workers and people living with HIV. We offer a range of affordable services in our three centres, including short and long-acting contraception, safe abortion, STI screening, and HIV treatment.

Our teams in China have also been working in partnership with the government to improve the quality of family planning services, and to advocate for young people and long-acting reversible contraception – an approach which they were the first in the country to pioneer.

How we reach people in China

Young people in China make up one sixth of the country’s population, yet continue to be disadvantaged through a lack of information, social stigma, and limited access to contraception and abortion services.

We help to address this through our innovative sexual and reproductive health education initiatives, and youth-focused You & Me centres. These centres adopt creative projects, youth participation, online sex education courses, and a welcoming environment to equip young people with vital sexual health information and services. We also train young people themselves as peer educators and use media publicity to spread the word. The combination of all these things has led to positive recognition, with almost 60% of clients who visit our China centres being under 25 and more than 100,000 young people benefiting from our reproductive health educational activities each year.

Our team in China also has a strong relationship with the government, and works to strengthen the healthcare system in a number of ways:

  • We provide management consultancy and technical support to public providers, helping them to implement client-friendly health centres.

  • We provide high quality and affordable male and female condoms through our centres.

  • We socially market Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) equipment and provide training to public hospitals to improve the quality of abortion services.

Our impact in China


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