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MSI group education session in DRC

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Contact our DRC support office to talk about our work.

Marie Stopes DRC
Consession Safricas
Rue Sergent Moke n° 14
Quartier Socimat
Commune Ngaliema
+243 82 899 72 25

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Services launched in November 2018.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

MSI in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MSI DRC) is MSI’s newest country programme, opening in November 2017.

MSI DRC was established to deliver access to sexual and reproductive healthcare in DRC, where there was a significant unmet need for contraception and maternal mortality rates were critically high.

Currently, just 10% of Congolese women have access to contraception. However, by providing high quality reproductive healthcare services, MSI DRC partners with the Government to remove barriers to contraceptive access and ensure women in DRC, including in marginalised and underserved communities, have access to the healthcare services they seek.

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