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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Contact our DRC support office to talk about our work.

Marie Stopes DRC
Consession Safricas
Rue Sergent Moke n° 14
Quartier Socimat
Commune Ngaliema
+243 82 899 72 25

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Services launched in November 2018.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Marie Stopes DRC, Marie Stopes International’s newest programme, began providing services in November 2018.

Almost 90% of Congolese women are unable to access any modern method of contraception, and those who can are largely restricted to less reliable short-term methods such as condoms. The average woman in DRC has more than six children, creating challenges for many in a country where severe poverty is widespread.

Almost 90% of Congolese women are unable to access any modern method of contraception.

What we do in DRC

Marie Stopes DRC has begun its mission to expand access to quality family planning for Congolese women in the capital Kinshasa and the neighbouring province of Tshopo, with the aim to expand to further provinces as the programme grows. Services are initially focused on mobile outreach, with teams of midwives and nurses travelling by road and river to bring contraception to women in remote areas and urban slums.

The programme also provides services through a network of MS Ladies, trained healthcare providers (usually nurses, midwives or community health workers) who work within the local community to increase access to high quality family planning services and advice.

In the longer-term, Marie Stopes DRC plans to expand its services within the country, in a drive to increase the availability of modern family planning services, wherever women live.


Our impact in DRC

women were using a method of contraception provided by MSI in 2020
unintended pregnancies averted in 2020
unsafe abortions averted in 2020

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