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Sacré Cœur 3
Villa 9513
BP 5950
+221 33 860 99 90

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MSI Senegal

In 2011, MSI launched a programme in Senegal to improve access to family planning across the country.

Since then, MSI has become a leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider in Senegal, working with the Government of Senegal and other stakeholders to ensure all women and girls – including those from underserved and marginalised communities - can access affordable services that meet their needs.

In Senegal, many women and girls are unable to access modern contraception. Yet, MSI Senegal’s tireless work has meant that the modern contraceptive prevalence rate has more than doubled to 27%. Although there is still much work to be done, this has significantly improved the ability for women and girls to determine their own reproductive choices and futures.

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